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Client Testimonials

Sam from Christchurch. Late 50’s – Breast Reduction 

Life changing! I am in my late 50’s. In my late forties my breast size started going up…and up. After a visit to the doctor he informed me it could be due to menopause. I have not been happy having breasts that look really large. It has been very difficult buying clothes and I would wear clothes to try and hide my breast size.

Finally I woke up one day and thought I am going to have a breast reduction, I’d had enough. The reason I waited so long to make the decision was my age, I kept thinking maybe I’m getting a little old and maybe they would get smaller but they didn’t.

So I had a breast reduction late in 2017. My operation and recovery went perfectly. Howard Klein, the surgeon and his staff were excellent and I have never looked back.

It felt so good to throw away those giant underwire brassieres, now I can pick out anything I like and no more wires or deep strap marks on my shoulders from carrying the weight of my old breasts.


Margaret from Southland. 62 years old – Breast Reduction

When informed by a department store that they had no bras available in the size I needed, I knew it was time to do something about my breast size.  I hoped that at 62 I hadn’t left my run too late!

Upon contacting Mr Klein and his staff I was treated with curtesy and dignity, the procedure was well explained and all my questions answered.

The procedure went well, the results are fantastic and I would highly recommend a breast reduction to others who require it.


Mary from Christchurch – Mummy Makeover  

In 2016 I made the decision to have a mini abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction or a “mummy makeover” done at Body by Klein.

I spent a considerable amount of time weighing up the pros and cons of this surgery and throughout this I was guided and advised in great depth as to what to expect, the best and most realistic expectations and outcomes for me personally.

Throughout this whole process I felt incredibly comfortable, well informed and that I really mattered.

Right down to the day of surgery I felt at ease and in very safe hands.

The recovery was for me personally very easy and relatively pain free. I was checked in on frequently post-surgery to make sure I was o.k. which put me at ease greatly.

The team at Body by Klein are a wonderful group of people and I cannot recommend highly enough the entire team.


Amy from Christchurch. 3-4years to decide – Breast Augmentation 

My decision to get a breast augmentation was not one that was made lightly and was about a 3-4 year decision. After having my initial consultation, another year passed before I finally decided the time was right to do it. Even then I was still extremely anxious. I was really nervous about going through with what felt like such a massive decision and surgery that was going to quite drastically (it seemed to me), change my appearance. Once they were in, there wasn’t any going back! After 3 children I had very little breast left. I’m a smaller framed person so was anxious to not go too large as I didn’t want it to be obvious that I had been in for a breast enlargement. I just wanted to look and feel feminine. Jodee was amazing – so very patient with me and I had about 3 sizing sessions as I kept feeling unsure about the size I was going to go to. It was never a problem to call up and ask if I could come in again to try the size again. Howard was fantastic, made me feel at ease and was very clear about what I could expect. Both Howard and Jodee gave very good, sound advice and I felt able to ask as many questions as I felt I needed, however silly they may have seemed.

If at any point I was feeling rather anxious I knew I could just phone up and talk with Jodee about any small question/thought that may have popped into my mind….and there were a few of those! I am 3 months post-surgery now and so happy with the results, one of the best things I could have done for myself and knew I had support from both Jodee and Howard every step of the way.


Sarah from Invercargill – Abdominoplasty and Liposuction 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you.

Since having Abdominoplasty, Muscle Repair & Liposuction performed in June my life has changed for the better. I no longer have to worry about my appearance (no longer making sure my stomach is tucked away below layers of clothing). After having 3 C-section babies my stomach was in bad shape. Not only was the appearance very saggy, hanging over my caesarean scar(s), my stomach muscles were non-existent. Not to mention my dreaded love handles. Improving my body has given me new self confidence.

Having muscle repair has helped with the constant back pain I was suffering. Also after having 3 caesareans I suffered from a lot of internal scar tissue, which affected our sex life. All I can say is thank you, this is no longer a problem, which is a life changer for my husband and myself. I am so grateful. I wish that I had these procedures years ago.

The level of care I received before, during and after surgery were second to none. Once again thank you for looking after me so well.


Hayley from Christchurch – Breast Augmentation

I found the whole process to go really smoothly, everyone was lovely and more than happy to answer my questions. They made me feel really welcomed and eased the anxieties I had about having surgery done, having never been under a general before. The surgery itself went smoothly and my recovery period was just as they said it would be. I am so pleased with the results of my breast augmentation, the improvement has been more than I wished for.


Kerry from Christchurch – Image Products 

“Image is really the best of both worlds… a medically prescribed skincare regime overseen by both a plastic surgeon and skin care professional. The prescription was personalised to my specific skin type and adjusted as needed based on my skin’s response. My skin has never looked better. At 47, I have had no surgery, fillers or Botox and continue to get comments on how young my skin looks.”

Photo Gallery

Did You Know

  • Non-surgical treatments may achieve dramatic results or enhance your surgical results.
  • Find out more