3 E’s of Breast Augmentation.

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The first step of your breast enhancement journey begins with finding a qualified surgeon, a MCNZ registered  Specialist Plastic Surgeon (FRACS).  If you think the logical next step in the journey is scheduling a surgery date, you would be skipping over several important components of the consultation process:  EducationExamination and Expectations.




The first thing we tell a patient is we’re going to sit down and we’re going to educate them, so that they understand what the operation is about. They’re going to make the choice. We are not going to tell them what they should have.  They’ll learn enough to be able to ask for what they want. The topics we educate patients on include implant material selection, implant sizing, implant placement above or below the muscle and incision location options.  The patient education process may extend into multiple visits.



The next thing we tell the patient is we’re going to look at them physically. We’re not going to just sit in a consult room and schedule surgery.  We’re going to look at them and look at their body and their breasts. The examination portion of the consultation involves taking measurements of the chest and breasts as well as taking and studying photos.  


We emphasize the importance of understanding differences in body proportion and build when discussing a patient’s expectations for the desired outcome.  That’s why, when people look at pictures, it’s important to also look at the preoperative situation.  Because, if you’re not built like that woman is pre-op, your result will look a little different.  The implant that looks great on your friend or relative and was  just the right size for them, may not be the right choice for your body type. 

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onsultation process: EducationExamination and Expectations