Aesthetic Surgery in the News, June 2009

Cosmetic Surgery Fashion Show Makes It’s Debut in NYC (2009-05-15) ; Smith, Sonya
Fashion shows in New York are not an uncommon sight but a recent event, hosted by “A Little Nip/A Little Tuck” author Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, broke the mold on May 14. Instead of clothes, models showed off the latest plastic surgery procedures. The event also included discussion of current topics important to the plastic surgery community including mommy-makeovers, divorce packages, and the introduction of Greenberg’s recession buster package for job seekers looking to remain competitive in the face of the tumultuous economy. Proceeds for the event will benefit LI cares, a local charity that provides food to those in need.

FDA Okays Alternative To Botox
Washington Post (DC) (2009-05-26) ; Mailander Farrell, Jodi
Dysport has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a sound injectable treatment. The FDA has mandated Dysport, along with its competitor Botox, to have black-box warning labels detailing the grave risks associated with receiving the injections. Possible side effects of both Dysport and Botox include trouble swallowing or breathing; Botox has been used for therapeutic usage in patients with eyelid spasms, excessive sweating, and cervical dystonia, while Dysport has been approved for use in frown lines and cervical dystonia. Dysport is a derivative of botulinum toxin and has been used as a cheap dermal filler in Europe in previous years. The FDA has said that complications arising from botulinum injectables has been due to misuse of the treatment for conditions such as limp spasticity that have not been FDA-sanctioned.