New Eyelash-lengthening Drug Approved

Scientific American (2008-12-31) ; Lite, Jordan

Latisse, a drug used for eyelash lengthening, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Bimatoprost is the main compound in the product that enables lashes to grow longer and darker. Other eyelash lengthening products have been unsuccessful, such as Jan Marini Skin Research’s Age Intervention Eyelash. The FDA claimed the product’s containment of bimatoprost caused patients to have swollen eyes; Latisse contains a much smaller amount of bimatoprost. Latisse is manufactured by Allergan and costs $120, available with a physician’s prescription. The eyelash lengthening drug, which lasts two to four months, has been deemed a solution to hypotrichosis or lack of hair growth. While physicians say that Latisse could be useful for promoting hair growth in both eyebrows and the scalp, Allergan notes that the company has not explored other uses for the drug. Side effects of using Latisse include darkened eyelid skin, itching, and redness.

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