I feel feminine, I have the curves and shape I have always wanted.

I am 43 years old and a mother of three children. I grew up with something missing as a woman, breasts. I developed late and when I did there was not much there. I would always stuff my bras, which were always padded or push up bras. Even then I always had a huge space between my breast and the bra. I was known as a tom boy and I never felt feminine. Then after my children were born, I fed two out of the three so now what was there, was deflated.

I knew I always would like breast. Nothing large just full and that could give me more confidence. So finally having the means to invest in myself I started researching breast augmentation. I found out a few of my friends had had the procedure done locally. I looked overseas, and within New Zealand. all my research kept taking me back to Howard Klein.

So, I booked at consultation. The minute I walked into the rooms I knew I was in the right place. All staff members were so friendly informative and supportive.

The consultation was very relaxed, and all my questions were answered. I then was fitted to match my body shape, which I found was exactly what I was after. I walked out with so much excitement thinking this was really going to happen.

I then went home spoke to my family and I made my appointment for surgery. The process leading up to surgery was easy and again informative. I was updated all the way along with what I needed to know. I had all the information on the procedure in detail.

The day arrived. Howard met me before my surgery the staff and hospital were fantastic. Now normally after anaesthetic I am sick and upset when I wake up (which I told the anaesthetist). I woke up perfectly fine, I was in zero pain, more discomfort with some tightness, but no pain whatsoever and I wasn’t sick at all. I was so happy when I woke up to my new additions.

I went home that day, I tried to take it as easy as possible, I didn’t drive for a week and was off work only 4 days. Recovery was easy. Again, no pain just some tightness. Follow up appointments all went well and at the six-week mark, I was able to get fitted for my first real bra. That was such an amazing moment, my breast filled the bra all the way to the edges! I also got back to my exercise with no worries. They look very natural and have descended nicely.

I feel feminine, I have the curves and shape I have always wanted. The people that do know what I have had done have said they wouldn’t have even noticed as I just look so natural. My confidence is back. This has really changed my life for the better. A life long dream came true and I thank Howard and his amazing team for being able to help me achieve this with ease and support. I cannot recommend them enough.