Howard was fantastic, made me feel at ease and was very clear about what I could expect

My decision to get a breast augmentation was not one that was made lightly and was about a 3-4-year decision. After having my initial consultation, another year passed before I finally decided the time was right to do it. Even then I was still extremely anxious. I was really nervous about going through with what felt like such a massive decision and surgery that was going to quite drastically (it seemed to me), change my appearance.

Once they were in, there wasn’t any going back! After 3 children I had very little breast left. I’m a smaller framed person so was anxious to not go too large as I didn’t want it to be obvious that I had been in for a breast enlargement. I just wanted to look and feel feminine.

Jodee was amazing – so very patient with me and I had about 3 sizing sessions as I kept feeling unsure about the size I was going to go to. It was never a problem to call up and ask if I could come in again to try the size again. Howard was fantastic, made me feel at ease and was very clear about what I could expect. Both Howard and Jodee gave very good, sound advice and I felt able to ask as many questions as I felt I needed, however silly they may have seemed.

If at any point I was feeling rather anxious I knew I could just phone up and talk with Jodee about any small question/thought that may have popped into my mind….and there were a few of those!

I am 3 months post-surgery now and so happy with the results, one of the best things I could have done for myself and knew I had support from both Jodee and Howard every step of the way.