Tell me more about the mommy makeover.

Motherhood can be one of the most rewarding journeys for a woman. Giving birth may not be the most pleasant experience, but the spoils of motherhood frequently overshadow painful memories from childbirth.

However, along with that bundle of joy, many women also receive stretch marks and pockets of fat they’ve never had to deal with before. To some, these are merely small prices to pay for their new-born’s, but many others seek ways to return to their pre-pregnancy forms. One of the most common methods these women choose is the mommy makeover, or a string of plastic surgery procedures geared toward boosting self-confidence by sculpting areas most affected by pregnancy. 

As more women seek this form of cosmetic surgery, many have questions concerning the operation. Here are answers to four of the most common inquiries surrounding the mommy makeover.

What procedures make the mommy makeover? The number and type of procedures varies by individual, but generally, women receiving the mommy makeover seek surgeries to target the breasts and abdomen. Popular selections include breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction. There are several other procedures that women may choose during this time, however, those who have developed excess arm or leg fat may opt for reductions in these areas, while those who desire work on their derriere lean toward butt augmentation. 

When is the right time to consider this surgery? While this string of operations is popular among mothers, surgeons recommend carefully assessing timelines before moving forward. Situations differ by individual, so it’s important to discuss eligibility with a board-certified surgeon before moving forward. New mothers request the mommy makeover just as frequently as those who have grown children, but there are several considerations women should make prior to going under the knife.

A good candidate is a healthy, fit woman who has finished having children and is done breastfeeding.It is not advised to do cosmetic surgery during life changes, nor should it be an expectation to resolve emotional issues. This includes postpartum depression, help for which should be sought with appropriate professionals.

New mothers should wait at least six months, but speaking with a plastic surgeon is paramount to the procedure’s success.

What’s the recovery time look like? As with most other surgeries, recovery time will vary based on the number and invasiveness of the selected procedures. If women opt to have several operations at the same time, they may be able to reduce the overall amount of recovery time. However, if they must wait several weeks between procedures, recovery could take additional weeks or months. 

What considerations should I take? Surgeons recommend women who wish to have more kids in the future to wait, partially because the results may be drastically altered by another pregnancy. Excess weight gain, whether caused by another child or lifestyle choices, can also alter the shape and skew results. Women should be sure to discuss expectations, desires and concerns with a qualified plastic surgeon prior to their operations.