What Is A Mummy Makeover And Do I Need One?

Kids are great! Most of us never look back after having a family and enjoying all the fantastic new experiences and happiness that our children bring us. However, sometimes women are left with constant physical reminders from the pregnancy, birth and early breastfeeding years, that they may find upsetting or uncomfortable. Although these changes are generally a natural and predictable result of childbearing, the ability for tissues to ‘bounce back’ afterwards is not always quite as predictable.

What Is A Mummy Makeover

A mummy makeover is a collective term given to multiple surgeries that address a women’s abdomen, pubic area, breasts, face and other areas of concern. Liposuction of one or more regions is also frequently added to the mix to enhance the final result.

The most common procedures you might see included in a mummy makeover are a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast enhancement. However, individual goals and preferences, as well as your plastic surgeon’s recommendations, will ultimately determine the best all-round approach.

Is A Mummy Makeover Right For You?

Understanding your options is an essential step for change. While many women probably consider undergoing surgical procedures to achieve the desired results, it is important to have exhausted non-surgical options first. Most of the patients we see for a mummy makeover are fit, eat well and have healthy lifestyles. However, they most commonly remain frustrated about their ability to improve the appearance of their breasts, hips and abdomens.

“I really wish I could get back to my pre-pregnancy appearance and I’ve tried everything I can think of including diet, various forms of exercise, meditation, etc. and still nothing changes much ”

Do you often think this when you look in the mirror? Then you may be the right candidate for the Mummy Makeover type surgical procedures.

Mummy Makeover Surgery Options

Let’s talk about what procedures are commonly available in a mummy makeover and which ones can most commonly be performed together.

Breast Lift, Implant Or Reduction

If like many women you have nursed a child or two, you will have noticed a loss of fulness in the upper pole of your breasts. This can be especially evident in the breast that your baby tended to favour and mostly nurse on. This lack of fullness may be accompanied by skin laxity and droop. The medical term for this condition is mammary ptosis.

With surgery in mind, the decision that has to be made is whether or not the breast can be improved using; an implant to provide fullness; a reduction; or if the ptosis is significant enough, then a breast lift may be required. Or a combination of these procedures may be necessary. If more than one procedure is needed, we tend to spread these procedures out in stages, but under some circumstances, they may be done simultaneously.

Tummy Tuck

When we evaluate the abdomen, we are looking not only at the skin quality (stretch marks and poor quality skin) but also at any drooping of the lower abdominal skin over the pubic area. This is frequently a problem in patients who have had a caesarean section to deliver their baby.

Additionally, we evaluate the status of the vertical muscles in the abdomen to assess both their strength and their position. Frequently after pregnancies, especially with large babies, these muscles have been pushed to the side resulting in a condition known as diastasis or separation.

We are also evaluating the shape and size of the tummy button (the medical term is umbilicus) as well as the position of the pubic area. Frequently in the post-pregnancy condition, there is substantial drooping of the pubic area which can give it an enlarged unnatural appearance.

Everyone’s abdomen and pubic area is different post-pregnancy, and after evaluating all of these factors, a customised plan can be made to address all of the issues specific to your particular circumstances.


Labiaplasty is a surgery which involves the reduction of the labia or outer lips of the vulva. This procedure has increased in popularity in recent years, with the most common candidates for labiaplasty being women with a desire to alter the outward appearance of the labia following childbirth. This procedure is usually performed separately from other mummy makeover surgeries.


The final point to cover is most patients having a mummy makeover find they have difficult to shift areas of fat deposits which often become more obvious after pregnancy. These fat deposits are usually diet and exercise resistant, meaning that no matter how fit you are and how good your diet is, these areas are unlikely to change much unless they are surgically treated.

The most frequent areas treated with liposuction through tiny incisions are the hip roll area (muffin top ), inner and outer thighs and the insides of the knees.

If all of this sounds complicated, it is important to remember that for most healthy women, the breast, abdomen and body can be treated safely simultaneously.

Mummy makeovers can be some of the most satisfying and dramatic surgery that we do. We love seeing the change not only in peoples bodies but also the difference in the way that they feel about themselves. If you’ve been thinking about this for a while now, please give Howard Klein Plastic Surgery a call and come and have a chat about what a mummy makeover might do for you.